Monday, March 1, 2010

hmm... well here goes nothing

it's been quite a while since i last blogged, but i have the writing spirit right now so i better not waste it. this post is devoted to Lynzy, my best (and worst) big sister. that really wasn't that mean it was just an inside joke with me and lew.
Lynzy is seriously crazy. And we have absolutely nothing in common. She is the most organized, self-disciplined person i know. she goes to the gym every morning to run at i think around six, i'm not sure the morning hours disgust me. she constantly tries new recipes with no fear and she has never had to look for shoes/purse/cell phone. it amazes me. she's married to the coolest guy she could have found and they live an awesome little house, just living the newlywed life. but anyways, a couple of years ago Lynzy went on the adventure of a lifetime and spent several months in an african orphanage. she came away with thousands of awesome stories but i kind of want to write more about how she got to that point. in the months leading up to her trip she worked several jobs, one of which was at the JC penney factory and she hated with a passion. she had always wanted to go to africa and that took money and that took work so it was worth it. so the moral of the story is she will not be stopped, especially by herself. (I'm pretty proud of that line, you should read it again.) another story i like about Lynzy happened about 9 months ago, she was hit by a drunk driver and got really roughed up in the process. she told me he was rich and it was his fourth offence, i said, wow sounds like you hit the jackpot. (it's always been my dream to get hit by a rich person in a crosswalk) but Lynzy didn't look for blood, she was incredibly forgiving in the process and showed amazing grace (i also love puns). to make a long story short, Lynzy probably has more admirable traits now than most people will acquire in a lifetime.
Donovan Jaden
some awesome quotes to think about.
1. The best way to become boring is to say everything.
2. Never fear shadows.
It just means that a light is shining somewhere nearby.
3.Our brothers and sisters are there
with us from the dawn of our
personal stories to the inevitable dusk.


  1. You do have a very amazing sister.

  2. I forgot to mention I love the quotes a lot. I collect quotes. Can I had them to my collection?