Monday, March 1, 2010

hmm... well here goes nothing

it's been quite a while since i last blogged, but i have the writing spirit right now so i better not waste it. this post is devoted to Lynzy, my best (and worst) big sister. that really wasn't that mean it was just an inside joke with me and lew.
Lynzy is seriously crazy. And we have absolutely nothing in common. She is the most organized, self-disciplined person i know. she goes to the gym every morning to run at i think around six, i'm not sure the morning hours disgust me. she constantly tries new recipes with no fear and she has never had to look for shoes/purse/cell phone. it amazes me. she's married to the coolest guy she could have found and they live an awesome little house, just living the newlywed life. but anyways, a couple of years ago Lynzy went on the adventure of a lifetime and spent several months in an african orphanage. she came away with thousands of awesome stories but i kind of want to write more about how she got to that point. in the months leading up to her trip she worked several jobs, one of which was at the JC penney factory and she hated with a passion. she had always wanted to go to africa and that took money and that took work so it was worth it. so the moral of the story is she will not be stopped, especially by herself. (I'm pretty proud of that line, you should read it again.) another story i like about Lynzy happened about 9 months ago, she was hit by a drunk driver and got really roughed up in the process. she told me he was rich and it was his fourth offence, i said, wow sounds like you hit the jackpot. (it's always been my dream to get hit by a rich person in a crosswalk) but Lynzy didn't look for blood, she was incredibly forgiving in the process and showed amazing grace (i also love puns). to make a long story short, Lynzy probably has more admirable traits now than most people will acquire in a lifetime.
Donovan Jaden
some awesome quotes to think about.
1. The best way to become boring is to say everything.
2. Never fear shadows.
It just means that a light is shining somewhere nearby.
3.Our brothers and sisters are there
with us from the dawn of our
personal stories to the inevitable dusk.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Missions and another great example

Just last week one of my best friends, big Al got his mission call to serve in Novosibirsk, Russia. i'm not sure when he's leaving but that's irrelevant. I'm almost the age of a missionary, in fact i'll be 19 in 552 days exactly! which sounds like a lot but it's pretty much a year and a half. I'm way sad that he's leaving because i'm pretty selfish like that but i recognize how big this is for him and how hard he's worked for it. He's always had a seemingly insatiable thirst to learn language too, so this is an awesome opportunity for him. I spent most days of my early childhood at al's house and one thing I remember was that when his brother Eric was on a mission in Brazil, Al would write him at least once a week and would always talk about how he wanted to be a missionary. Even as a kid Al knew he wanted to serve a mission and now he's doing it! go rock it Al! You know I'm praying for you!
Just one great quote to think about
1. "You will make a lousy anybody else, but you are the best you in existence. You are the only one who can use your ability. It is an awesome responsibilty." -Zig Ziglar

Saturday, December 26, 2009

an unorganized first post and a little brother finally getting it

Wow, christmas has come and gone and left us with some awesome gifts (the laptop that i'm writing this blog on!) but even more awesome memories. This was a christmas of mixed emotions for me, i was recently involved in a well publicized prank and i received thirty hours of community service. While doing a small fraction of my hours on a habitat for humanity house i realized how spoiled i am and we all are, i've probably come to this realization before but this time i am making a conscious effort not to forget it! but enough about my small epiphanies, i read on a blog once that someone wrote a small paragraph about everyone in their family and that inspired me to get a blog. i feel like my family is too amazing to go unblogged about. But instead of writing little small posts i want to devote one post to each member of my family, so here it goes.
holy smokes i don't even know where to start, i feel like i could write a book on how to be the best big brother ever because i've got a perfect blueprint. I pretty much owe all of my interests and skills to him. he played basketball so i played basketball, he played the cello so i played the cello, just apply that principle to everything i'm good at. One thing Jesse is really good at is being his own person, he doesn't just do things because other people do it, some people call it stubborn, i call it strong.
Last august when it was time for school to start i had a pretty tough decision to make, i could either stay at Springville for my senior year with all my friends that i'm super comfortable with, or i could go to maple mountain and try and make more friends... and i may or may not have liked a girl there. i only had like two weeks until school started so i had to decide quickly, anyways this decision made me super stressed and a little bit sad. Jesse was the first to notice that i wasn't myself and just talked to me about it, he said that your friends will be your friends if you want to put in the effort, regardless of which school i sit in. that was pretty big for me, i learned that all things aren't logical, sometimes you like things just because. but perhaps the more important lesson was that either thing you choose can be incredible if you make it incredible, which is one thing i try to remember whenever i complain, which unfortunately happens a lot. i feel guilty for only writing this much because i've got some serious respect for jesse but i have to start brainstorming for Lynzy's post... and it's almost midnight.

three great quotes to think about

  1. The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm.-swedish proverb
  2. Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.- Oscar Wilde
  3. Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.-Winston Churchhill